Maria Camila Calderon Papa is an International Relations student at the Pontificial Xavierian University. Her experience in Model United Nations goes back 10 years. She is interested in the protection of Human Rights, the International Security and optimal functioning of the exercises and practices of international diplomacy. She expects COLMUN 2017 to be a learning opportunity in both academic and personal features for all participants, in a frame of respect, high academic standards and a healthy competition.


Julián Eduardo Becerra Sánchez was born on June 20th, 1994 in Bogotá D.C, of Jesuit formation; he studied at the San Bartolome La Merced School from 1999 to 2012. In the meantime, he was awarded with a scholarship to study a brief period of time at the Gonzaga Preparatory School in the town of Spokane, WA, during fall 2008. He initiated his Law studies in August 2012 at the Universidad Externado de Colombia where he is now coursing his 5th and final year before graduating as a lawyer. He likes to play chess, football, squash and prefers to discuss about global issues and political situations taking a belligerent position rather than taking a neutral approach to them. 


Topic B: Representation at the UN of Insurgent armed groups that comply with international law.

Topic A: The principle of Non-intervention applied to Private Military Companies (PMC)

As totalitarian governments that oppose ethics and principles of the UN charter may arise, the discussion over whether or not a subsidiary organ (within the UN framework) should be established is to be set at the Security Council. Belligerent actors of different natures are involved in inner conflicts that affect domestic regulations and the daily life development. Now, they argue they have the right to be listened to, to be taken into account and to be recognized by the international community.

The creation of this organ, where non – state belligerents that comply with international law would participate, may involve discussion of topics such as sovereignty, non – intervention or state legitimacy. The international community should determine if they should provide aid to these belligerents, even against a member state, in order to protect human rights and UN principles, even if this means to overpass the sovereignty of member nations.

Belligerents are not merely State armed bodies that act within a certain warfare, Private Military Companies (PMC), mercenaries and other private based armed actors also constitute a new phenomenon that has not been addressed properly by the Security Council.

These companies have had relevant roles in the most recent and most threatening conflicts the world has seen in the past 2 decades, these are sponsored mostly within civil wars by governments defending their institutions and are usually based at developed countries with a complex and consolidated military industry. Even if part of the free market economy, the proliferation of PMC cannot go unnoticed at the Security Council, as it would be violating its main objectives if it does not undertake any action.